Madam Violet – Survival

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Madam Violet in Survival

Station five of the 10 Stations of Servitude. Respect. It goes without saying that a sub should respect his Mistress, but often this area is lacking. Lack of respect is the FASTEST way of becoming utterly invisible to Me.You will learn to respect Me the way you do fire or any volatile, powerful, unpredictable force of nature. Like fire, I can give you great pleasure, or great pain, RESPECTING Me keeps you safe, it keeps you alive, and it keeps our connection going. Fail to respect Me, and you fail.There is no echo or layered tracks, only the naked power of my word and WILL. Using progressive relaxation and eye closure induction I put you into trance, double binds keep you guessing which drag you down and flashes of bare flesh confuse and distract. When you are anchored into the power of My words I will begin your behaviour modification; you will learn to respect Me at all times, whether I am fully dressed, or fully naked your respect for Me will not waiver, you respect the very nature of who and what I am, even when you are JERKING your dick to My naked body you will RESPECT ME.Once under you will be commanded to strip, kneel and stroke, and as I slowly remove My sheer skin-tight dress to reveal My black lace Agent Provocateur lingerie, My perfect curves, your RESPECT for Me and the power I have over you grows. Naked or clothed you bow down in AWE and respect. I make you so very HARD and so highly AROUSED, I scare you and EXCITE you, confuse and BEGUILE you. My perfect tits make everything slide down into your mind so much easier, a spoonful of sugar and all that. I turn you on don’t I? But you respect me don’t you?Respect means putting MY desires before yours, and do you know I desire, more than anything right now? For you to end this session still HARD, UN-released, FULL to the brim with CUM, NEED and DESIRE for Me. That is what I want, and you RESPECT what I want, don’t you slave? Show Me!Contains: Various inductions, finger snaps, binaural tones, re-programming, trance, post hip notic suggestions, manipulation, tit worship, lingerie, strip tease, tease and denial, slave training, POV

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